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Weather the storm in complete safety

Kansas is no stranger to severe weather. Make sure you and your family is able to take proper safety precautions with a reliable shelter. Call 620-786-0063 to schedule a consultation and we'll work together to figure out a concrete storm shelter that meets your unique needs.

The concrete storm shelters installed by Hoskins Welding & Backhoe Service, Inc. are safe and secure in even the most powerful storms. Every shelter is built from high strength concrete and reinforced with rebar and steel mesh.


All shelters are built to meet the standards of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, ensuring maximum safety in the harshest conditions.

Trust in our shelters

Storm shelters installed by Hoskins Welding & Backhoe Service, Inc. are available with several options to best suit the needs of you and your family.


If stairs pose any kind of safety concerns, handicapped shelters are available. Contact us today to discuss the details of your new storm shelter.

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